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About Us

About us

With entering its 24st year in the sector, our company continues to serve the sector with its mission and vision values with the adoptation of confident steps towards the future. Our factory was built on an area of 11.000 m2 in Hadımköy facilities which is located in Istanbul. We produce approximately 5.000.000 products with 12.000 tons of raw material and serve over 5,400 business partners. SAY products, which are preferred extensively and used in many areas of life, are tested by reliability designated organizations. As raw materials, eco-friendly PVC, Antibacterial ABS, 1st Grade 6463 Aluminum BILLET, and 304 Quality Stainless Steel are used in our products.


The subject we have emphasized since our establishment is to produce environmentally friendly and human health oriented products. With this awareness and responsibility, we produce our products with the norms and standards that are preferred in our country and the world.

All this delicacy, sensitivity and diligence are a result of our understanding of our responsibility toward your health and our environment.